Dick Taylor Black Fig Craft Chocolate

This is another bar sent to me by my friend Will H. in Alameda.



I love dark ink and woodcut drawings, and this label was an example of what I like so much. I have no idea what this ship has to do with the chocolate, and I don’t care. I am already predisposed to like what is inside.


Even the back of the label is pretty, with some seagulls and sailing ships on the top. I still don’t know what that has to do with the chocolate, but now I know the chocolate is made with 72% cacao beans from Madagascar. And the bar is just three ingredients: cacao, cane sugar and black mission figs, all organic.

I really liked this bar. The chocolate was very good, being dark and bitter but not sour. The figs are large chunks on the bottom of the bar, and while they were good too, they reminded me too much of raisins to love them. In fact, I would like to try a Dick Taylor bar with no additions, just cacao and sugar. I think it would be amazing.

Thanks Will!


2 thoughts on “Dick Taylor Black Fig Craft Chocolate

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