Ginbis Baked Chocolate Puffed Corn Snack

We found this at our local grocery store, on the international foods aisle.


These were little star-shaped corn puffs, dipped in chocolate. I found them to be a little sweet and not very chocolatey, but my co-workers liked them, comparing them to breakfast cereal and wafer cookies. I am not sure I’d get them again, but they sure were fun to try.


Extra Dark Chocolate Brix Bites

My co-worker Brian H. brought this chocolate into work for us to try.


I had had this chocolate before, as an enormous solid block of dark chocolate, which was difficult to cut but quite yummy to eat. And you know what? This chocolate is even better in small tablet form.


This 70% cacao dark chocolate was smooth, creamy and very deeply flavored. I was very impressed, and this chocolate was one of the best ones I have had all year. All of my co-workers raved about it, and several asked for seconds, which was easy to provide since there were 24 wrapped tablets in the box. This is a great chocolate to eat and to share!

Thanks Brian!

SoMA Peru Nacional 70%

I received this chocolate in a package from the handsome and generous Matt B. in Canada.


I love this label! It explains the bar’s origins and cacao percentage, and also how it is unusual. Plus, it has won awards! And it is delicious! It has a very deep flavor, with those special notes so often found in single origin bars. I found it to have sour berry flavor, with a fruity but non-sweet tang that occurred as an aftertaste after tasting the chocolate. Quite yummy.

Thanks Matt!

Boston State House Milk Chocolate

This is the last chocolate bar that my co-worker Brett K. brought back from his trip to Boston.


This bar was exactly what I expected it to be, a bland milk chocolate. It was not horrible, but it was not very good either. It was like a generic American milk chocolate, like Hershey’s or Mars. I ate one piece and had had enough.

I like the label though. Very East Coast, very patriotic. Thanks Brett!

Camille Bloch Torino

My co-worker Brian H. brought this bar into the office to share.


This bar was delicious! It broke into ten pieces, each with a soft almond and hazelnut filling, surrounded by a creamy milk chocolate shell. The flavors of each were deep and rich, and as a milk chocolate bar, it was very chocolatey. I have now had a milk and dark bar from this brand, and all of them have been great.

Thanks Brian!

Dreamhouse Yummy Dark Chocolate Bar

Here’s another Yummy bar from my local drug store.


This bar was very good. In fact, I’d say for its price point (about 2 bucks), it was amazing! It had a rich deep flavor and a good snap when you bit into, and it melted easily in your mouth. My co-workers loved it too. To be clear, this is no Lindt or Vosges bar, but if you think Lindt is too pricey, then this is your bar!

Rococo Rose Dark Chocolate

My friend Lucy H. sent me this intriguing bar from the United Kingdom.


This bar was 65% cacao and had rose essential oil mixed into it, and wow, you could tell when you unwrapped it. The fragrance of rose wafted out of the wrapper, and as I tried a bite, the rich chocolate flavor gave way to the taste of the smell of a rose. Yes, this bar tasted like the smell of a rose. I loved it, and it reminded me of their violet bar that I tried a few years back. That was yummy too.

Oddly, most of my co-workers did not like this bar, finding it to taste “medicinal” or “soapy”. A couple of them loved it though, and we felt we must have refined tastes.

Thanks Lucy!