Guittard 70% Épique

We tried another Guittard bar at work, this one a 70% cacao bar.


This bar was delicious! I think it was even more creamy and chocolatey than their 85% bar, and if possible, it was almost as flavorful as the 91% bar! How they pulled that off, I do not know. But this bar was so yummy that I broke it into smaller pieces knowing that people would want more than one, and I still ran out of pieces before I ran out of co-workers who wanted to try it. Next time, I need to buy two!


Guittard 85% Clair De Lune

Here’s another bar from Guittard that I found at World Market.


This bar seemed sharper than yesterday’s despite having less cacao at 85%. Still, this was a deep dark bar, and it had some sharp notes to it, although I didn’t taste anything like cherry. Some of my co-workers thought that it tasted even more deeply chocolate than yesterday’s, but I think that was just the extra sugar bringing out the flavor. Between the two, I thought the 91% one was the better one, but I’d eat this one again too.,

Guittard 91% Nocturne

It took me six years to find another Guittard chocolate bar, and I finally found this one at CostPlus World Market.


I realize that 91% cacao sounds very dark and possibly bitter (and I know my co-workers were a little wary), but this chocolate was fantastic! It was very smooth and creamy and rich, and the chocolate flavor was deep but with no sharp notes. I don’t know how they made a 91% cacao bar taste creamy, but they did. I loved it, and I think I will go back for another bar!

Trader Joe’s Taste Test Of Caramels

Robert and I went into Trader Joe’s for some typical groceries when we saw this box near the entrance.


This very long box contained a dozen very large caramel truffles, each one with a different flavor profile. But their flavors were not listed in order except on the bottom of the box, so as you ate them, you got to guess what the flavors were and see how close you got. Robert and I ate three truffles every night, and we were very good at guessing. We got most of them, and surprisingly the ones we missed were the strongly flavored ones. For example, we both agreed that one tasted like butterscotch, but it was the maple one! Then we got to the butterscotch one and realized our mistake.

The quality of these chocolates was top notch, with rich dark chocolate and interesting flavors like ginger, coconut and espresso, so this is a fun box to try, especially with a friend. It’ll make you question just how well you can taste!

Vosges Roasted Walnut Pecan Caramel Marshmallow Bar

I found this unusual Vosges bar at CostPlus World Market last week.


This bar was DELICIOUS! Let’s just get that out of the way. YUM! I loved this bar, and I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

This was an unusual bar for several reasons. First, it wasn’t really a bar. It was five square pieces, like truffles, arranged in a line so it looked like a bar when packaged. And second, it was filled with mostly marshmallow, which isn’t a typical Vosges filling. But who cares, because this bar was delicious! The caramel was soft and sweet and salty, and the nuts, a combination of crushed walnuts and pecans, was the perfect compliment, both in savoriness and in texture, to the caramel and marshmallow.

I bought another Vosges bar in this line. I hope it is as good.

Prince Polo Dark Chocolate Confection

I found this dark chocolate treat at Cost Plus World Market last week.


This confection consisted of four thin crispy wafers, with a lightly flavored chocolate creme in between them, all covered in rich dark chocolate. It was super tasty and reminded me of Japanese treats I have tried. The back label said this was made in Poland, so this is seventh chocolate I have eaten from that country. I need to find more!

Endangered Species Sea Salt & Lime Creme Filled Dark Chocolate

With some trepidation, I finally tried the other creme filled Endangered Species bar.


While the last one, their coconut creme bar, was one of the worst chocolate bars I have had in recent years, this one was merely bad. The chocolate was dry and crumbly, with no really deep flavor that you would expect in a 72% cacao bar. And the filling was again a dried white paste that tasted more like lemon than lime. One co-worker compared it to lemon-scented furniture polish, and he isn’t far off.

Of course, buying this bar helps endangered species, in this case a Tanzanian lovebird whose numbers have decreased from being caught by traders.


Sadly, I think I would rather give money to a zoo, or my local animal shelter, than to buy another one of these creme filled bars. They are so bad that I can imagine recoiling from their shelf the next time I am at the grocery store. Blech.