Chocolate Koalas With Macadamia Nuts

My co-worker Adam B. brought these back from a trip he took to Australia.


I like this box! It’s pretty, it shows the product, and it has the word “Australia” three times in case you don’t know where this chocolate is from.


The back is even prettier. I think everything iconic about Australia is pictured here. I am not sure that koala is so cuddly, though. He looks like he is thinking mean thoughts.


And here are the little fellas inside. So nicely arranged, so carefully molded. And so awful tasting.

They were waxy, overly sweet and not very chocolatey. And what little macadamia nut bits they contained were relegated to a few slivers around the neck area of the koala, at least in the one I tried. His belly and feet were nothing but milk chocolate. But he was pretty.

Australia, I am going to be all up in you next year. I hope you have some good dark chocolate waiting for me! B&P, I am looking in your direction.


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