Endangered Species Coconut Creme-Filled Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at the grocery store and thought “hey, that endangered species brand makes creme-filled chocolate bars now”!


At 72% cacao, I was hoping for a very nicely dark bar with a coconut filling reminiscent of a Mounds bar. But what I got was a bloomed grey bar with a dried white filling that tasted of nothing. Seriously, this bar was crap. One of the worst chocolates I have eaten this year or in several of that past years.


At least the inside of the label was educational. The lemur population is dropping due to poaching and habitat loss, but the sale of these bars is helping them. That’s all well and good for the lemurs, but what I really learned was not to buy these bars!


One thought on “Endangered Species Coconut Creme-Filled Dark Chocolate

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