Trader Joe’s Taste Test Of Caramels

Robert and I went into Trader Joe’s for some typical groceries when we saw this box near the entrance.


This very long box contained a dozen very large caramel truffles, each one with a different flavor profile. But their flavors were not listed in order except on the bottom of the box, so as you ate them, you got to guess what the flavors were and see how close you got. Robert and I ate three truffles every night, and we were very good at guessing. We got most of them, and surprisingly the ones we missed were the strongly flavored ones. For example, we both agreed that one tasted like butterscotch, but it was the maple one! Then we got to the butterscotch one and realized our mistake.

The quality of these chocolates was top notch, with rich dark chocolate and interesting flavors like ginger, coconut and espresso, so this is a fun box to try, especially with a friend. It’ll make you question just how well you can taste!


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