Perugina Dark Chocolate Limoncello

We tried the other Perugina bar from CostPlus World Market, to see how it compared to their orange bar.


This bar was OK, but not nearly as good as the orange one. Part of the problem was the lemon flavor, which was strong and unnatural, like Lemon Pledge furniture polish. But the other problem was there were no lemon bits in the chocolate, like the orange bits in the other bar. Instead the lemon flavor was just added to the chocolate, so it was evenly in every bite. I like it better when their are bits that burst with flavor and other parts that are just chocolate. It makes those bars more interesting, from a taste and texture perspective.

Bear in mind, this is NOT a bad bar. It’s 51% cacao, and I’d eat one if it was offered to me. But it’s not a very good bar either, and it is telling that after all my co-workers tried it and nodded and said things like “hmmm” or “not bad”, there were still three pieces left, and at the end of the day, they were still there. I wrapped them back up and put them in my emergency chocolate stash.


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