Divine Dark Chocolate With Mango & Coconut

This was the last of the Divine bars from CostPlus.


Like the 85% bar and the hazelnut bar, this one was good, but not great, but at least it wasn’t bloomed at all. The chocolate was 70% cacao, so I expected a deep rich flavor, but there were so many mango chunks that it felt like the chocolate was just used as a binder. Seriously, it seems like a dumb thing to complain about, but there was too much mango in this bar. There was barely any coconut, you couldn’t taste it or the chocolate very much, and the mango was chewy and stuck to your teeth. I was still scraping it off ten minutes later.

My co-workers were not enamored with this bar either. Everyone took a piece, but almost nobody took another. I was going to toss the last two pieces after no one had eaten them an hour later, but two co-workers took them at the last minute. That’s not the most ringing endorsement for a chocolate bar.


One thought on “Divine Dark Chocolate With Mango & Coconut

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