Belgian Mint Medaillons

I found this box at CostPlus and had to buy it to share at work.


Look how pretty those look! Like fancy peppermint patties! And inside there were so many of them!


I liked how they are topped with freeze-dried peppermint leaves. How cool is that?!

The medallions tasted very good. The dark chocolate shell was thick and rich tasting, much more than 50% cacao would have led me to guess. And the inner peppermint cream was not as strongly peppermint as I would guessed either, which I liked, because I am not a big fan of peppermint and chocolate. I ate three of these, and the rest disappeared quickly. My co-workers really liked them too.

Now, only two things bothered me about this chocolate. First, they didn’t spell the word “medallions” correctly on the box. That is weird. But second, in addition to sugar, they used sorbitol in these medallions, which I am not a fan of. It tastes funny and gives me gas, so I tend to avoid food with it. I had no idea it was in here, and you can’t really taste it, but it was the fourth ingredient listed, so only time will tell if it causes me a problem.


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