World Market Devil’s Food Cake Dark Chocolate

Here’s an unusual bar from CostPlus World Market.


This bar was good. Not great, not awful, just good. It was dark chocolate with a filling that tasted a little like chocolate cake. This filling was alright, but it detracted from the flavor of the chocolate bar itself. The ingredients list gave no clue as to the cacao percentage of this bar, but it did list sorbitol in the ingredients, which I wasn’t too happy about (it makes me gassy). All in all, an OK bar that I will pass on if I see it again.


Vosges Blood Orange Hibiscus Caramel Marshmallow Bar

I found this Vosges bar at CostPlus.


Like the Vosges walnut pecan bar, this “bar” was really five distinct squares, ones that were mostly caramel and marshmallow covered in dark chocolate. And like their blood orange hibiscus bar, I couldn’t really taste any hibiscus and the blood orange flavor was really mild. Still, this was a delicious chocolate candy, like all Vosges chocolates, and it disappeared quickly at the office.

Tcho Ghana Dark Chocolate

I found this Tcho bar at CostPlus. I haven’t had a Tcho bar since the variety pack that my friend Lucy sent me last year, and those were very good!


This bar was delicious! It tasted MUCH darker than 70% cacao, more like and 80 or 85% bar. And it was very fudgey tasting, in that it had a chewy chocolatey flavor that I associate with brownies or fudge. Despite being single origin, I didn’t really taste any high notes in it. But I loved it, and so did my co-workers. Like the movie, it was gone in 60 seconds.

Chuao Peace Love & Peppermint

Here is another treat that Robert picked up at Starbucks.


This mini bar looked like a cacao pod!


And it was very yummy! I am not sure how dark the chocolate was, but I would guess it was more than 50% cacao, and the peppermint flavor came from some finely crushed candy canes added to the bar. That flavor was not so strong that you couldn’t also taste the chocolate, so I liked this bar even more than I would have thought.

Thanks Robert!

Starbucks Hot Chocolate On A Stick

Robert found this at Starbucks.


There were two sticks, one dark and one milk chocolate, and four marshmallows. You heated up milk, stirred the stick until the chocolate had melted, and then dropped in some marshmallows. Robert made the milk chocolate and, of course, I had the dark.


Delicious! The amount of chocolate that went into each drink was decadent, and they were both very chocolatey. I ate my marshmallows separately, so as not to dilute the chocolate flavor, but Robert dunked his marshmallows into the cup. I tried his and liked it, but, of course, I liked the dark chocolate drink better. I am so predictable.

Thanks Robert!

Belgian Mint Medaillons

I found this box at CostPlus and had to buy it to share at work.


Look how pretty those look! Like fancy peppermint patties! And inside there were so many of them!


I liked how they are topped with freeze-dried peppermint leaves. How cool is that?!

The medallions tasted very good. The dark chocolate shell was thick and rich tasting, much more than 50% cacao would have led me to guess. And the inner peppermint cream was not as strongly peppermint as I would guessed either, which I liked, because I am not a big fan of peppermint and chocolate. I ate three of these, and the rest disappeared quickly. My co-workers really liked them too.

Now, only two things bothered me about this chocolate. First, they didn’t spell the word “medallions” correctly on the box. That is weird. But second, in addition to sugar, they used sorbitol in these medallions, which I am not a fan of. It tastes funny and gives me gas, so I tend to avoid food with it. I had no idea it was in here, and you can’t really taste it, but it was the fourth ingredient listed, so only time will tell if it causes me a problem.

Vanini Dark Chocolate 74% With Cacoa Nibs

I found another Vanini bar at CostPlus that I wanted to try.


This bar was much more popular than their rosemary bar. My co-workers were taking seconds and thirds, and for good reason! This bar was very dark tasting, much more than the 74% cacao would imply, because the cacao nibs added a rich and bitter flavor to the chocolate. And there were a lot of them, and they were yummy. I liked this bar, and one of my co-workers said it was his favorite from the last few weeks.