Divine Milk Chocolate With Spiced Cookies

My co-worker David L. gave me this chocolate bar to try.


This bar was good. It had a fairly rich chocolate taste, and the cookies were crunchy and tasted like gingerbread. The whole flavor and texture combination reminded me of a chocolate pie with a graham cracker crust. While I tend to discount many milk chocolate bars, this one was certainly better than some of the dark chocolate Divine bars I have tried.

Thanks David!


Sheila G’s Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle

My co-worker Alfonso G. shared another chocolate snack with me.


These were pretty good. Like the chocolate chip ones, they were small thin squares that tasted like brownies. They were a little dry, but they were very chocolatey and tastey. Not a bad snack at all!

Godiva Dark Chocolate Bavarian Pretzel

My co-worker Alfonso G. shared some of this delicious pretzel with me.


The pretzel was very thick and very crispy, and it was covered in a nice thick layer of delicious Godiva dark chocolate. The flavors all melded wonderfully, and I found myself wondering why Godiva doesn’t cover more snack things in dark chocolate, like potato chips…or bacon.

Hotel Chocolat Salted Caramel Puddles

My co-worker Matt P. (seen in the upper corner of the photo) brought these chocolates from London into work for everyone to try.


These were thin wafers of caramel, slightly salted and covered in milk chocolate. The caramel was soft but not gooey, and the milk chocolate was pretty good, not too sweet and still with a good chocolate flavor, but wow, these would have been so much better as dark chocolate. I see on their website that they offer lots of different puddles, so I hope to try more of them soon.

Rip Van Wafels Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Amsterdam Wafel

My co-worker Brian H. gave me several of these bars to try.


These were…interesting. Despite saying dark chocolate and listing caramel as one of the ingredients, these wafel bars tasted mostly of, well, wafel. The bars consisted of two soft chocolate wafels, with caramel in between, and they were surprisingly not very sweet. Or chocolatey. Or caramely. They tasted mostly like somewhat sweet wafer cookies. Not bad by any means, but just kinda plain.

World Market Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Covered Rolled Wafers

I found these wafer cookies at CostPlus World Market.


These were very good! Each one was quite big but very light, being a thin wafer wrapped around whipped hazelnut creme. The whole cookie was dipped in a thin layer of dark chocolate that reminded several of my co-workers of Ding Dongs. I liked them anyway, and they were way better than Stikko wafers.