Theo 85% Dark Chocolate

I found this bar at my local organic grocery store.


This bar was amazing. So dark, so smooth, and yes, even creamy. Bittersweet but not bitter, the chocolate had a great snap and melted smoothly in your mouth. I loved it, and so did my co-workers. It disappeared quickly.


Lindt Frog Tin

A co-worker Maria V. brought in a big frog-shaped tin of Lindt chocolates to share.


I tried one of the gold-foil balls, although I was told later that the hearts were the same chocolate. I found it to be a rather cacao-lite version of Lindt’s regular milk chocolate, so I would put the cacao at somewhere between 25 and 30%. Not bad, but not great. I loved the frog tin, though!

Thanks Maria!

Marich Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews

My good friend Tiffany C. gave me these when we met for brunch before I had to leave town for a week for business.


These were delicious! I have rarely seen cashews in chocolate, and when I have, they have been in milk chocolate. But these were enrobed with thick layers of rich dark chocolate, and I loved them. The fact that the cashews were nicely salty made these even better. I shared them with Robert, but I must admit I ate most of them myself.

Thanks Tiffany!

Theo Raspberry 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

I found this bar at my local organic grocery store.


I liked this bar better than the Theo cherry almond one, mostly because the raspberries were not chewy. I think they were freeze dried, or maybe the bar just contained their juice, because I could taste them but they did not overwhelm the chocolate flavor, which was fantastic. This bar was much more popular with my co-workers too, disappearing in minutes.

Frango Mints

My co-worker Michelle F. shared a box of Frango mints with me.


I used to eat these all the time in graduate school when I had a roommate from Chicago. These are just as good as I remember. They are rectangular truffles of creamy, minty milk chocolate that melts in your mouth. The closest thing I have ever eaten was a mint chocolate bar from Green & Black, but nothing duplicates the original. I am glad they are making them again!

Thanks Michelle!