Ghirardelli Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Robert ordered a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner from Gobble, an ingredient and recipe delivery service, and it was fantastic! I won’t go into detail about the crab and avocado bruschetta, the blood orange salad with candied walnuts, or the filet mignon with blue cheese butter, but I will describe the wonderful chocolate covered strawberries.


All of the ingredients for the chocolate covered strawberries were inside this box. And hey, look at that, they used Ghirardelli chocolate!


The strawberries were packed loosely and the chocolate was supposed to be inside a baggie, but some got loose. Don’t worry. They got eaten too.

Robert melted the chocolate and dipped the strawberries after we had dinner. They were amazing!


I would guess the chocolate was dark and around 60% cacao, plus or minus 5%. Very good for strawberry coverage, and very delicious too!

Thank you, Robert! You are the best Valentine ever!


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