Josophan’s Dark Belgian Chocolate With Hazelnuts

While in Sydney for GX Australia, I reserved a day for a walking tour of downtown chocolate shops. OK, what really happened was that I spent several hours running from shop to shop buying as much dark chocolate as I could carry. I had planned to return to the States and share them at work, but this one got eaten before I could even pack to return.


OMG, this hazelnut bark was SO GOOD! The chocolate was rich and dark and had a strong deep chocolate flavor without a trace of bitterness. And those hazelnuts! Whole, roasted for extra flavor…they went perfectly with the chocolate. I am not ashamed in the slightest that I ate the whole bag by myself. In one sitting. In my hotel room with the curtains drawn. Not ashamed at all.

BTW, I grabbed a selfie at the Josophan’s truffle case before I left the store.


I am sure the employees thought I was a crazy man, especially since I was carrying bags from two other Australian chocolatiers when I came into the store. I think I was a little high on the sugar and caffeine from the free samples I had already eaten!

Anyway, go Josophan’s! I bought more chocolate that I will review soon!


2 thoughts on “Josophan’s Dark Belgian Chocolate With Hazelnuts

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