Haigh’s Gourmet Collection Dark Chocolate With 70% Cacoa

Among other stores on my walking tour of Sydney chocolate shops was Haigh’s. At least a dozen people told me to visit Haigh’s while I was in Sydney, and I am glad they did. It was the first store I went to when I started my tour, located in the beautiful Queen Victoria building (blocked here by a not-so-beautiful Sydney bus). Haigh’s is the store with the awning in the bottom right.


The inside of the Queen Victoria building was equally stunning.


I wanted to check out some of those other non-chocolate-oriented stores, but I was limited to five hours for my chocolate shopping, so there was little time to waste!

I stopped for a quick selfie at Haigh’s truffle case before beginning my purchasing. Look at how happy and shiny I am! I am like a kid in some kind of store!


I bought several dark chocolate bars at Haigh’s including some single origin bars. I had planned to bring them all back to the States for chocolate eating meetings at work, but the flight was so long, over 13 hours! I broke down mid-flight and ate most of this bar (Robert got some when I got home).


This bar was delicious! It might have been the low cabin pressure at 35,000 feet affecting me, but I thought it looked and tasted darker than 70%. It was more like an 80 or 85%. It had a great snap, a dark shiny texture, and a deep rich taste. I cannot wait to try the other bars!



3 thoughts on “Haigh’s Gourmet Collection Dark Chocolate With 70% Cacoa

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