ChocolArts Dark Chocolate And Cashew Bar

One evening while at GX Australia I went to the northern part of the city, a part of Sydney called The Rocks, where the wharf called the Circular Quay and the famous Sydney Opera House are located. The Queen Victoria cruise ship had just arrived!


That ship is HUGE! It was like a twelve story building sailed up to the port. And beyond, on the other side of the wharf, was the no-less-impressive Sydney Opera House.


While it looks white from a distance, the Opera House is clearly beige when you are close to it. I love the look of it and what it invokes. Sails. Clam shells. A Star Trek hat. All good.

But what you may miss when visiting this area is a little artisanal chocolate shop called ChocolArts. I found it just ten minutes before it closed for the evening.


Look at those lovely truffles. And while I didn’t get a Spice Log, I did get one of these chocolate bars.


I brought it back to the States and shared it with my co-workers. It was incredibly smooth and creamy for a dark chocolate bar. While not as deeply flavored as I would have hoped (I would guess the cacao percentage was somewhere between 50% and 60%), it was still very good, and where else can you get a dark chocolate bar with cashews? Very yummy.

And even better, this bar is my 1,300th entry on this blog! I have eaten thirteen hundred unique chocolates since 1993, for an average of 56 bars per year, or just over one per week. That’s certainly proof that I like chocolate. And that I don’t mind being chubby.


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