ChocolArts Dark Chocolate And Coffee Bar

Here is another bar that I bought at ChocolArts, a small chocolatier located near the Sydney Opera House in Circular Quay.


This was a good looking chocolate bar. This is how it looked right from the package.


Here it looks so dark and creamy. But its underside was studded with coffee bits.


Like its sister bar with cashews, this bar was very smooth and creamy, and the coffee bits added crunch and an earthy roasted flavor. I found myself wishing the cacao percentage was just a tad higher (it’s about 55%, and I wanted 65% or 70%). The chocolate needed to be deeper to hold up to the strong coffee flavor. Still, this was a good bar and it disappeared quickly when I shared it with my co-workers.


One thought on “ChocolArts Dark Chocolate And Coffee Bar

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