Francois Pralus Djakarta

My co-worker Brian H. gave me this bar that he bought while on a trip he took to San Francisco for the Game Developer Conference 2016.


This bar was very good. It was very dark and very rich and tasted much sweeter than you would expect a 75% cacao bar to taste. We thought it was a single origin bar, since it had a very singular note like that of a sweet wine, but when I checked the back label, I saw that no, it was a mix a beans from Ghana and Indonesia, made in France. Still, while not a single origin bar, an excellent blend of cacao did go into this bar. Everyone loved it.

The name Pralus seemed familiar, and it turns out I have had this brand once before, in the form of a stack of ten 50g single origin bars, all 75% cacao. They were delicious, but I don’t remember how each individual bar tasted. Well, now is my chance to find out, because Brian brought back several full-size versions of those bars. So stay tuned, more Pralus is to come!

Thanks Brian!


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