Frango Mints, redux

A few weeks ago, a co-worker shared a few Frango mints from a small box she had. I love Frango mints, having been introduced to them in graduate school by a roommate who was from Chicago. They stopped make them for a while, but now they are back in production, and that same co-worker gave me a full-sized box of Frango mints this week. So, while I have already technically reviewed them, consider this a love letter of sorts, a love letter to Frango mints.


Frango mints come in a one-pound box adorned with a beautiful painting of Chicago. Inside are forty-six mints, arranged in a tight pattern.


Each mint comes wrapped in a paper cup. You can still see how the chocolate was poured from the little dollop on the top of the mint.


While I am not a huge fan of mint or milk chocolate, something about that combination works so well with Frango mints. They have a nice snap when you bite into them, and then they melt in your mouth, releasing a wonderful chocolate flavor with just a touch of mint, enough to taste but not enough to overpower the chocolate flavor. I shared these with my co-workers, and several wanted seconds and thirds. Lucky for them, the box holds a lot of mints. Lucky for me, I had some extra to take home. Dang, these are good chocolates, and I have missed them.

Thanks Michelle!


3 thoughts on “Frango Mints, redux

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