Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Raspberry Baton

I tried another flavor chocolate baton from Trader Joe’s.


This bar was pretty good. It was dark (60% cacao) and filled with dried raspberry bits, which provided an intense raspberry flavor that somehow managed to compliment instead of overpower the chocolate flavor. Despite this yumminess, I still think I like their espresso baton better.


Lake Champlain Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

I tried another Lake Champlain chocolate bar that I found at Whole Foods.


This bar was nice. It was a good dark chocolate bar that had eight squares, each filled with a sweetened peanut butter mixture. It reminded me a lot of Dark Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, only with thicker chocolate and a drier peanut butter center. I am not sure I liked it better than the Reese’s, though, and for the price, I expected something more. I am not sure what exactly. More chocolatey and peanuty taste, perhaps?

Fogo De Chão Belgian Chocolate Mint

My co-worker Brian H. gave me some after dinner mints that he picked up at a restaurant in San Francisco.


I have been to churrascaria before, down here in SoCal and also in San Francisco, but I have never been to Fogo De Chão. I have always enjoyed the food at Brazlian steakhouses, if not the “meat sweats” that come later.

In any case, this little mint  was really good! It reminded me of Fazer dark mint chocolate, but thinner. I really liked it. Thanks Brian!

Southern Candymakers Chocolate Caramel Cashew Turtle

My co-worker Alex S. let me try some of a chocolate-coated caramel cashew turtle from this candy store he visited in New Orleans!


It was delicious! Soft and not too sweet, with a nice balance between the amount of chocolate and caramel. And the use of cashews in the turtle was a nice change of pace from the usual pecans or peanuts.

Thanks Alex!

Bissinger’s 60% Dark Chocolate & Almonds

I tried another Bissinger’s bar from Whole Foods.


This bar was pretty good, but then again, I am a sucker for any chocolate with almonds in it. Like their 75% bar, I couldn’t taste any single origin notes, even though the back of the label says all of the cacao beans are from Côte d’Ivoire. Still, it was nice and dark and paired with the roasted almonds very well. Despite the slivered almonds on the front label, the almonds were whole in the bar, and I liked that too. It provided a nice solid crunch.

My co-workers loved this bar, and it disappeared in a few minutes. While I can’t say there is anything special about this brand, it does seem to make consistently good, if not great, bars of chocolate.

Cocoa Parlor Night Train 75

Continuing along eating the chocolate bars I bought at Whole Foods a few weekends ago brought us to this bar.


Unlike the last couple of Cocoa Parlor bars I had tried, this bar was not single origin, but it was just as delicious. It was 75% cacao, but the addition of roasted crushed cacao nibs made the bar seem even darker, and the nibs added a nice crunch. I shared it at work, and it was gone in about five minutes. My co-workers seem to love Cocoa Parlor!

I am truly loving this new brand, and I have another one to try too!

Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate Coffee

Here is another bar from Whole Foods that I opened at an office chocolate eating meeting.


I have add several Lake Champlain chocolate bars before, most recently a sampler while I was on vacation in Provincetown, MA. This bar was very good! It tasted much darker than 54% cacao, probably because the roasted flavor of the coffee ganache made the chocolate taste richer and slightly more bitter. I loved it, and my co-workers ate it so quickly that I couldn’t even call in my usual office crew to try it. There were eight pieces and they disappeared in about two minutes.

Good thing I bought two more flavors to try!