World Market Dark Chocolate Wasabi Ginger Sea Salt Bar

I found this unusual bar at CostPlus World Market.


Yuck! This bar was extremely gross! It started with a strong, oily ginger taste, which just barely started to fade when the hot wasabi flavor burst out. In fact, those two flavors were so strong that I couldn’t even taste the chocolate. I checked the ingredient list, and the manufacturer also added habanero pepper, even though that isn’t mentioned on the front of the label. Gross. Most of my co-workers hated this bar, leading to some funny quotes. Matt P. said he was “gently assaulted” by this chocolate, while Connor R. said it was “weird and exciting”. OK, so maybe Connor liked it.

And do you want to know what is the most sad fact about this bar? I have eaten almost this exact same bar, a dark chocolate with wasabi and ginger, from Vosges, and that bar was delicious! So those flavors can meld well, but this World Market bar does not do that, and I would recommend avoiding it.


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