Pierre Marcolini 16 Palets Fins

My co-worker Brian H. gave me this box of flavored caramel thins that he got in San Francisco.


The phrase “palets fins” translates into “thin pucks”, and the box opened to reveal an impressive array of caramel truffles.


There were eight flavors, with two of each flavor, so Robert and I sat down one evening and tried them all. Here are my thoughts.

  • Caramel Miel – caramel and honey, very good, not too sweet.
  • Caramel Gingembre – caramel and ginger, not strong but not my favorite.
  • Caramel Passion – caramel with passionfruit, delicious. I really liked this one.
  • Praline Pistache Noisette – praline with pistachios and hazelnuts, I liked this too.
  • Caramel Mangue – caramel with mango, yummy but a little sweet.
  • Praline Amande Agrume – praline with almond and citrus, taste like a lemon-lime praline, ok but not to my taste.
  • Caramel Fleur D’Oranger – caramel with orange blossom, I really liked this one, may be my favorite.
  • Caramel Beurre Sale – salted butter caramel, delicious but typical. I felt like I had tasted this combination a hundred times before.

I loved this sampler, and I think I would try the orange blossom and passionfruit truffles again, and possibly the pistachio and hazelnut one and the honey one. I loved trying them all, though, Samplers rock.

Thanks again Brian!


2 thoughts on “Pierre Marcolini 16 Palets Fins

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