Cadbury Old Gold Roast Almond Dark Chocolate

I have always had a distrust of Cadbury chocolate. Too many bad experiences, I guess. But I saw this bar at a grocery store in Sydney and I had to get it.


This bar was amazing! First off, it was 200 grams, which is over 7 ounces, or almost half a pound. And when I opened it, it was dark and full of whole almonds, and it smelled divine. And the taste…magnificent! Deep rich cocoa flavor, paired with crunchy whole roasted almonds. Awesome. For a cheap bar I bought in a grocery store, I was floored! And my co-workers gobbled it up! For a bar that was two to three times bigger than a regular chocolate bar, it was gone in about five minutes. I wished I had bought two! This is the perfect chocolate snack: great chocolate over great almonds. Yum.

I take back everything I have said about you, Cadbury. You have redeemed yourself with this bar.


2 thoughts on “Cadbury Old Gold Roast Almond Dark Chocolate

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