Pierre Marcolini Limited Edition Venezuela 78%

My co-worker Brian H. gave me this fancy bar of chocolate. Excuse me, this tablet of chocolate, which is what their website calls these square bars.


This bar is made of criollo beans (the most rare of cacao beans, unlike the more common forastero and trinitario varieties) only found in one village (Chuao) in one state (Aragua) in one country (Venezuela) in the world, and that village is not accessible by car or train or plane, but only by boat. Talk about a very specific single origin! I think this is a smaller region than the bar made from beans from only one valley in Madagascar!

This bar tasted very good, being both very dark and very rich. The chocolate flavor was very pronounced and almost cocoa like in quality, reinforced by the powdery finish of the bar, which started creamy and then seems to dry and powder in your mouth. It’s an unusual sensation, but I liked it, and my co-workers did too. This bar disappeared in two minutes, except for a piece I saved for someone in a meeting who couldn’t make it right away. It took all of my will not to eat that piece.

I have had bars from beans from Chuao before, and the Amedei ones (Chuao and Porcelana) were both pretty amazing, but this bar was very good too, and quite complex in both flavor and texture. This is only my second taste of Pierre Marcolini chocolate, but I think I need to try more of this brand. It intrigues me.

Thank you so much, Brian!


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