Whittaker’s 72% Dark Ghana Bar

I bought this bar in Sydney, at the same grocery store where I bought the Old Gold bar.


This bar was HUGE! At 200 grams, it was almost half a pound of pure dark chocolate, like the Old Gold bar, and cheap like that bar too. I really like how dark and yummy it looked.


It was made in New Zealand out of beans grown in Ghana, and while I could not taste any singular notes in this bar, it was still pretty good, and for the price, it was probably the cheapest bar I bought in Sydney by the gram. I let people take seconds and thirds at work, and I still had a quarter of the bar to take home!

Alas, this was my last bar of chocolate from Sydney. I really would like to go back, armed with the past few weeks of taste tests. I would probably buy some more Josophan’s and Haigh bars, and then a whole bunch of Old Golds. You are so lucky Down Under to have those chocolates, you hear me?


2 thoughts on “Whittaker’s 72% Dark Ghana Bar

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