Otte Syokolra

Here is another confection I bought at an Asian grocery store.


I thought this box was super pretty, and I liked the look of that cake stick. Here’s what it looked like when I pulled one out of its wrapper.


The box called this a “soft and moist cake”. I thought it tasted a little plastic, and it was barely chocolatey at all. Robert seemed to like it, so I told him he could have the remaining ones.


Ace Chocolatto

I found these chocolate-covered cookies at a local Asian market.


These Korean confections were little square butter cookies with a mountain-shaped covering of milk chocolate. Yeah, I know that looks like dark chocolate on the box, but the ingredient list said milk chocolate, plus this is what they really looked like.


They tasted pretty good. Nice butter cookie, OK chocolate. Nothing special, but I’d eat a few as a snack if I wanted something sweet. I doubt I’d buy them again, though.


Cocoa Parlor Truffles

We went back to Cocoa Parlor so I could get some more of their chocolate bars, and Robert picked up a six pack of their truffles. Look how pretty the box was!


Robert decided to get two each of three flavors, so we could both try them. He is sweet like that.


The peanut butter crunch was milk chocolate over a peanut butter center filled with crunchy bits, like puffed rice or puffed quinoa. It was delicious, like a super fancy crunchy Reese’s peanut butter cup.

The dark chocolate truffle was sooooo good. It was very dark, with a dark ganache center that melted in your mouth. I ate this one and immediately wanted to go back to the store for more of them.

The caramel de Oaxaca was sublime and fantastic. It was a rich and creamy cinnamon center, covered in dark chocolate and dusted in chili pepper. I was surprised at how much I loved it. I expected a standard caramel, and I got so much more.

We decided we are going back to Cocoa Parlor in a few weeks for a truffle run. Stay tuned!

The Famous Pacific Dessert Company Chocolate Graham

I found these dark chocolate covered graham crackers at my local grocery store.


These were expensive, coming in at nine dollars for six graham crackers. But they looked so good, I had to get them.


And wow, these were good. The dark chocolate was so thick! On the top, I’d wager it was thicker than the graham cracker! And it was delicious, being quite dark and rich, and the graham cracker was crispy and crunchy, and the whole thing was sprinkled in salt. Yum!

Was it worth nine bucks? I don’t know. I am glad I got them, but I am not sure I would get them again. They felt like a sinfully delicious luxury.

Rod.Lindt Fils

I found this huge Lindt bar at Cost Plus World Market.


This bar was a whopping 10.58 ounces, well over half a pound. I put it out for a Friday chocolate eating meeting at work, and even with a dozen co-workers grabbing pieces, I took almost a third of it home with me. I thought it was okay chocolate, certainly not one of Lindt’s best offerings. At only 49% cacao, I can see why I thought it was too sweet and not as chocolatey as I expected. Still, that is four times the cacao than a Hershey bar contains.

It turns out I had this Lindt bar before, in a smaller form, back in 2003. And it was the first Lindt I ever had! I am glad I kept eating this brand!

Cocoa Parlor Dark Jungle 70

I ate the last chocolate bar at work from our visit to Cocoa Parlor.


Yum, this bar was delicious! With its 70% cacao dark chocolate and the very salty Ecuadorian peanuts, it reminded me of an upscale Mr. Goodbar. And I think my co-workers liked it too, because it was gone in three minutes flat.

I may need to go back to Cocoa Parlor. I should try their milk chocolate line. For science.

Chocolates Del Turista Rama Amargo

I found this unusual chocolate at Cost Plus World Market.


“Bitter Twirled Chocolate”?! This label had me at 70% cacao, and the fact that it was the first chocolate I would ever try from Argentina! I could barely believe that I had never had chocolate from that country, but my blog tags did not have Argentina listed.

Inside the box were two large squares of dark chocolate laces, all roped around each other.


I thought the chocolate looked too light in this photo, so I held a piece up to get a better picture.


That’s better! So dark and luscious! The squares broke easily vertically, but it was hard to break them horizontally without them crumbling, but I managed to break both squares into about three dozen pieces. That was a lot, and a good thing too, because my co-workers loved this chocolate! It disappeared quickly and was totally gone in about fifteen minutes. I had to save a piece for someone who was in a meeting!

I loved this chocolate too. It was very rich tasting, almost fudge-like. It reminded me of the Blue Frog Dark Chocolate I had just tried a few days before. I think I will pick up more of it, and I don’t think my co-workers will mind a do-over. It was just that good!