Cocoa Parlor Cowboy Up 70

I found out that Cocoa Parlor, whose chocolate bars I had been enjoying for weeks, was based in Laguna Niguel and had a store only 25 minutes from my house. Saturday afternoon plans were made, and cohorts involved (my husband Robert and long-time friend and fellow chocolate fan, Tiffany).


The inside was exactly what I imagined: wall to wall chocolate of all kinds: milk bars, dark bars, truffles, barks, chips, even granola.


I talked to the man working there, who was the chocolatier’s husband, about their chocolate and how much I loved it, and he told me how his wife makes all of the chocolate in the store, using fresh organic ingredients including cacao she sourced herself. She even does the artwork for the labels, which I think is really cool. What a seriously awesome job! And I am saying this as a video game developer!

Of course, like I did in Sydney, I had to get a selfie by the truffle case.


I bought a lot of chocolate. A lot. Bars and chips and granola and even some raw chocolate. You will see it over the next few weeks on this blog. If it says Cocoa Parlor, I bought it here.

The first bar I ate when I got home was this dark chocolate almond one.


Yum! The chocolate was nice and rich and dark, and the almonds were roasted and crushed and salted. The two flavors were perfect compliments, as were the creamy and crunchy textures. I can’t wait to try all of the remaining chocolate! I want to eat it all, but I have to keep my self-made promise to take it to work for the chocolate eating meetings.

Must. Be. Strong.


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