Cocoa Parlor 100% Dark Chocolate Chips

I bought a bag of VERY dark chocolate chips at Cocoa Parlor.


I am not sure what the chocolatier expected me to do with these, so I opened them at work and shared them with my colleagues. It was May 5th and we were having a Cinco de Mayo party at work, so I brought this bag and offered some to people who had finished eating their fill of delicious tacos. I would guess about fifteen or twenty people took me up on my offer, and while most people thought these chips were a little dry, most people liked them. I thought the Cacao Parlor 100% bar was a little better, with the currants to add some sweetness, but I liked these chips too. They were like a little bang of chocolate in your mouth, without any sugary sweetness to get in the way.


2 thoughts on “Cocoa Parlor 100% Dark Chocolate Chips

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