Valor Dark Chocolate With Almonds

I found this bar at my local grocery store the weekend before Cinco de Mayo, so I had to pick it up.


This bar was really good, but of course I am a sucker for any chocolate with nuts in it. It was only 52% cacao, and some of my co-workers were surprised that we were tasting any dark chocolate with less than 65% cacao, but I have a sweet spot for almond bars in particular. In fact, I had had this one before, almost twelve years ago, but the label is new and much prettier, so I included it again.

And if you are wondering what my chocolate eating meetings look like at the office, here is a photo!


These are about half the co-workers (plus my husband on the right) who regularly come by, with the remaining co-workers wandering in and out over the next half hour or so. Everyone knows to stop by my desk at 2:30 pm every day, to see what chocolate is there. It’s a regular part of my day!


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