Bixby & Company Nutty For You Bar

My husband found this bar at a local organic grocery store.


Wow, this was really good! The chocolate was very dark, and the filling was a mix of dark chocolate, peanut butter, peanuts and salt. It tasted like an intensely dark chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cup. I loved it!


See’s Chocolate Cigar

My friend Tiff C. went to a baby shower and brought back some chocolate cigars from See’s Candies.


Since it is hard to get a sense of size and appearance. I decided to model the cigar.


See, it is a very realistic looking cigar. And please ignore my hair. It was the weekend and I had gone for a bike ride.

Are you wondering how the chocolate cigar tasted? It was typical See’s milk chocolate, meaning it was better than a lot of milk chocolate (I am looking at you, Hershey), but I still didn’t care for it. Too low in cacao and too salty for my tastes. I gave this and the other cigar to my husband, who loved them.

Thanks Tiff!

Theo Cranberry Orange 55% Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Brian H. gave me this bar for the office chocolate eating meeting.


This bar surprised me. For a 55% cacao bar, it looked and tasted much darker, like a 70% bar. And even though they were dried fruit and not freeze-dried, the cranberry and orange bits were very flavorful and not sticky at all. I thought they went very well with the chocolate, and my co-workers loved the bar as well. All in all, a very Christmasy bar, perfect for a hot June day.

Thanks Brian!

Mordens’ Russian Mints

My co-worker Darren M. also offered me some of these Canadian chocolate treats.


I opened the box to find these really large milk chocolate truffles!


These reminded me of Frango mints, only much much larger. I decided to hold one up for scale.


See how big they are?! I thought it tasted a lot like a milk chocolate Frango mint too, so I think this is the Canadian version (or Frango is the American version of these, I don’t know). Either way, it’s good to know there are more sources for these excellent mints!

Thanks Darren!

Mordens’ Chocolate Covered Ju Jubes

My co-worker Darren M. brought by these chocolate treats from Canada.


I opened the box to get one, and they were HUGE!


I picked one up and held it out for scale.


See? These things are HUGE! I bit into one and found that it was a super thick coating of milk chocolate surrounding a chewy gelatin candy. The combination was…interesting. I cannot say I was a fan, but I like trying new and unusual chocolates, so there was that!

Thanks Darren!

Cocoa Parlor Jungle Peanut 35

I found the last milk chocolate bar from Cocoa Parlor that I had not tried yet.


This bar was identical to their dark chocolate version, just made with milk chocolate that had half the cacao. I thought it would just be OK, but it was actually quite good, like a high quality Mr. Goodbar or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. My co-workers are it up really quickly, with one person missing out because he arrived thirty seconds too late. So I may have to get another one…for science.

Cocoa Parlor 100% Mulberry Cashew

They had a new 100% cacao bar at Cocoa Parlor!


This was like their other Dominican Republic 100% bar, but they added dried mulberries and roasted cashews, and those additions made a great bar even better. The cashews were crunchy and salty, and the mulberries added a touch of sweetness and flavor to the bar, which was otherwise pure unadulterated chocolate. I loved it, and so did my co-workers, because this bar disappeared super fast!