Cocoa Parlor Deep Velvet 51

I brought out the first of many Cocoa Parlor milk chocolate bars for an office chocolate eating meeting.


Hold on to your hats, dear reader, because I LOVED this milk chocolate bar! Yes, that’s right. I actually LOVE a milk chocolate bar. That’s a rare occurrence on this blog, but this is a rare milk chocolate. With 51% cacao, this bar has more cacao than some dark chocolate bars, and almost five times as much as a Hershey bar! And it was delicious. Very rich and dark and creamy, with a deep fudge-like chocolate flavor. This bar disappeared very quickly, and I wished I had another one to offer immediately.

As a bonus, I love this label. I think the woman looks like my sister-in-law. She is pretty and has attitude too, but I don’t think she has a big umbrella like that.


One thought on “Cocoa Parlor Deep Velvet 51

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