Cocoa Parlor Sano Surfer 35

I had another Cocoa Parlor bar at an office chocolate eating meeting.


This bar is the milk chocolate equivalent of their dark chocolate Surfer Girl bar. I liked that bar, and I liked this one too. This one seemed to have more coconut and pineapple chunks in it, and the milk chocolate was still pretty chocolatey, at 35% cacao. And this bar went much faster than the dark chocolate one, disappearing in under ten minutes. A few people even had seconds. And I did too!

Here’s a special call-out to my co-worker Charlie S., who bought another Sano Surfer bar when the photo I took of the first one did not save correctly to my phone. I asked him to take a photo of one at the store, but he said he could not take a photo of a bar we did not personally eat. I applaud your ethics, Charlie!


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