Blanxart Dark Chocolate 72% With Apple And Honey

I found this bar at Cost Plus World Market.


This bar looked beautiful. Look at those bits of dried apple!


I wasn’t sure how to break this bar into pieces, and then I flipped it over.


Ah, I can break this bar along these lines! I tried a piece and found it to be…odd. It didn’t taste as dark as I expected from the 72% on the label, and while the apple bits were nice, the honey left a strange aftertaste in my mouth. I shared it with my co-workers, and they agreed it was just an OK bar. I have had two Blanxart bars before, one with almonds and one with cacao nibs, and both were delicious. I guess I don’t like honey in my chocolate. Except for this bar.

Anyway, this chocolate bar was my 1,400th unique chocolate bar. Wow! That only took me twenty-three years to do! That’s over 60 new bars per year, or a new one every week and then some.


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