Rekolady Your Chocolate Story

My boss Feargus U. brought back this unusual bar from Poland.


This was a crazy looking bar! Out of the wrapper it looked like three finger bones on a bed of bloody pebbles. See?


The inside labels told the Chocolate Story. The left one was in Polish.


I’m not sure what it said, but the right label had a diagram.


I think I can make out the story, of the beans being harvested and sent to Rekolady, where they are conched and poured into molds, and then fruit is added, looking like strawberries and citrus. Oddly, the back label said there was 70% cacoa beans and the rest as sugar in this bar, but there was obviously some kind of dried fruit on top. I tasted raspberries and something, and one co-worker thought that something was pineapple, but I am not sure. People thought the bar tasted weird, and there were still some pieces left after ninety minutes, so I guess it wasn’t a crowd favorite. But people loved trying it and looking at the label!

Thanks Feargus!


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