Raw Revolution Double Chocolate Brownie

I found this “health bar” at the same health food store in Provincetown as the espresso bar from yesterday.


This bar was mostly cashews and dates, with cocoa and some dark chocolate chunks mixed in. Reminded me of the Clif Nectar bar I loved so much years ago, but it wasn’t as good as that. I even like the Picky Bars better than this, so I guess it was just OK.


Jelina Espresso Dark Chocolate

I found this bar in a health food store in Provincetown (that means it’s healthy, right?).


This label is nothing to look at, simple graphics on cardboard. But don’t judge a book by its cover! This bar was very good, with a cacao percentage of 72% and the espresso beans powdered and mixed throughout the bar. It had a wonderful flavor, and several people asked for seconds. I had thirds!

I like this new chocolatier, Jelina. They are Canadian, and I bought two more bars from them. I hope they are just as good!

Wired Puppy Chocolate Espresso Puppy Beans

I bought these in a coffee shop in Provincetown because chocolate!


These were…nice. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with chocolate covered coffee beans, but the flavor just wasn’t very strong, in the chocolate or the coffee beans. I think Javas still makes my favorite chocolate beans, but for a buck, I can’t really complain about these.

Purple Feather Cafe Chocolate Mousse Cup

I passed the Purple Feather Cafe multiple times per day while vacationing in Provincetown, and I had stopped in to try their dark chocolate gelato (which is incredibly good) when I saw this dessert trio.


Hmm, flour-less chocolate cake vs. chocolate mousse vs. a chocolate cupcake? Hmm, I wanted all three…but I went with the mousse.


Yum! This dark chocolate mousse was inside an edible dark chocolate cup and topped with a dark chocolate sea horse! What was there not to love?! I thought this dessert was delicious, although I will admit that I have had better mousse (including my own). The sugar had not been properly dissolved, so it was a bit grainy and crunchy in a way no mousse should ever be, but it was still very good. I even shared it with my husband, who helped me eat the cup too.

Raaka 82% Belize

I found this bar in a new grocery store in Provincetown, in a natural foods store tucked away on Bradford Street.


Yum, this single origin bar was very good. It was very dark, and the chocolate flavor was strong and very deep, with a sour after-note that either came from its Belize origin or its aging process in a bourbon cask. I couldn’t tell which and I don’t care, because whatever they are doing is yummy.

Zzang Wowza

This was the last bar in the Zzang multi-pack from Damon and David.


Woah, this bar was another sweetness overload. Raspberry nougat, raspberry ganache, and raspberry jelly, all covered in dark chocolate. The raspberry flavor was amazing, but I couldn’t really taste the chocolate, and the whole thing was sickeningly sweet. I bet they could cut the sugar in half and this bar would be awesome.