Cocoa Parlor Popped Quinoa 70

I found this very large bar during my last trip to Cocoa Parlor.


I have had Cocoa Parlor quinoa and chocolate before, as granola and as a breakfast bar. Both were wonderful, so I expected to love this bar. And I did! The chocolate was nice and dark and had a nice single origin note (a little earthy), and the crunchy quinoa tasted a bit like peanuts. Several co-workers commented that it tasted like a Reese’s peanut butter cup or a Mr. Goodbar. I don’t think it did, but there was a small, barely perceptible aftertaste that was vaguely like peanuts.

I really liked that this bar was so huge (over half a pound, the size of three normal bars) that I brought a third of it home! On a Friday, for the weekend! Nice.


One thought on “Cocoa Parlor Popped Quinoa 70

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