Trader Joe’s Dark & White Chocolates

I found this package of tulip chocolates at Trader Joe’s.


Yes, there was white chocolate, but there was more dark chocolate, and these were Belgian chocolates, so I had to have them.


Look how pretty they are! There were ten of them, and I knew about a dozen people come to the chocolate eating meeting, so I braced myself and sent the instant message to our Slack-based chocolate group.


Meanwhile, I looked at the chocolate close up. So cute!


I picked one up so you could see the size. It was mostly a dark chocolate base, with a tulip drawn on top with white chocolate. Not a bad ratio.

My co-workers arrived, and with two of them on vacation, we had exactly the amount of chocolate tulips we needed. I thought my tulip tasted good, with a nice dark chocolate flavor, diminished a bit by the white chocolate. My guess would be the dark was 50-60% cacao. All in all, I wouldn’t get these again, but they were fun to try.


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