Trader Joe’s Shooting Stars

I found these cookies at Trader Joe’s right before the July 4th holiday weekend.


Wow, I think I fell in love with the graphics on this box!


Could these graphics scream Radium Age science fiction any more? And I loved that there was even a warning on the box top!


So I opened the box carefully and removed the tray of cookies.


These were sugar cookies covered in semi-sweet chocolate and sprinkled with popping candy. How cool is that?!


They weren’t very big cookies, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t start popping when I picked it up! I think moving it through the air caused humidity to begin popping the candy, but I really don’t know. One co-worker had a piece of candy pop off the cookie and stick to his glasses, so maybe these things are a little dangerous. Be cautious if you eat these.

They were tasty too. The sugar cookie was crunchy and not too sweet, and the chocolate was dark, if spread a little thinly. There wasn’t a lot of popping candy on it, not enough to flavor it or make it sweeter, but it added some more crunch and of course, it popped in your mouth as you chewed and down your throat when you swallowed. They were fun, and my co-workers loved them too.

I might have to get a pack or two for July 4th!


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