Brookside Whole Almonds In Smooth Dark Chocolate

So we ate the First Street dark chocolate almonds yesterday, and then the next day I found these at Target.


I have had Brookside before, one with fruit in it, and I liked the chocolate in that one, and this one also had really good chocolate. These dark chocolate almonds were WAY better than First Street, but at almost three times the price per pound, they had better be! And I discovered that Brookside is made by Hershey, who bought the company in 2011. So now I am conflicted, because I like these but I am not a Hershey fan and these are somewhat expensive for the amount you get. But let’s face it: I like the chocolate and there are more flavors to try, so expect them to show up on this blog.

Oh, the things I do for science!


2 thoughts on “Brookside Whole Almonds In Smooth Dark Chocolate

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