Purple Feather Cafe Chocolate Mousse Cup

I passed the Purple Feather Cafe multiple times per day while vacationing in Provincetown, and I had stopped in to try their dark chocolate gelato (which is incredibly good) when I saw this dessert trio.


Hmm, flour-less chocolate cake vs. chocolate mousse vs. a chocolate cupcake? Hmm, I wanted all three…but I went with the mousse.


Yum! This dark chocolate mousse was inside an edible dark chocolate cup and topped with a dark chocolate sea horse! What was there not to love?! I thought this dessert was delicious, although I will admit that I have had better mousse (including my own). The sugar had not been properly dissolved, so it was a bit grainy and crunchy in a way no mousse should ever be, but it was still very good. I even shared it with my husband, who helped me eat the cup too.


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