Palm Springs Fudge And Chocolate

I went on a three-day weekend trip to Palm Springs, mainly to float in a pool and do nothing, but I had to go chocolate hunting while I was there. I found a chocolate shop right on the main strip.


I bought some truffles of various sorts, all covered in dark chocolate, and they were good. Nothing that bowled me over, like Cacoa Parlor truffles, but still very good, on par with See’s Candies. I enjoyed them, but I would probably skip this store on my next trip.


Garden Island Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt Chocolate 85%

My co-worker Charlie S. let me try another Hawaiian chocolate bar that he had picked up on vacation there.


I really liked the back label of this bar. It wasn’t just colorful, but it was very informative about how the chocolate was grown and made.


This bar was good but very salty! Like the Ritual bar and John Kelly bar, they add too much salt! In some bites, there was too little chocolate flavor, all you could taste was salt. Other bites were less salty, and I really liked those.


You can see the big chunks of sea salt and how some pieces of chocolate would have more salt than others.They need to go easy! The chocolate flavor is great and can stand on its own!

Thanks Charlie!

Astor Banana Almond Dark Chocolate 59%

I tried the other Astor bar that my friend Sissie C. got me during her trip to Colombia.


This bar was very good. The chocolate wasn’t as dark and rich as the previous bar, but I liked the sun-dried banana, which added a nice banana flavor while staying fairly soft. The crunchy almonds added a nice texture to the bar, too. My co-workers liked it too, and it disappeared quickly.

Thanks Sissie!

Monsieur Marcel Dark Chocolate 72%

My co-worker Dini M. found this bar in a restaurant/shop in Los Angeles and brought it in for us to try!


I loved the label, with its quickly-sketched rooster and butcher paper cover. And the chocolate inside was really good. It was not single origin so it lacked a singular note, but it had a strong chocolate flavor and a hint of a roasted aftertaste. I ate several pieces, and my co-workers liked it and had seconds too.

Thanks Dini!

Recchiuti truffles

My good friend Tiff C. sent me a box of Recchiuti truffles for my birthday!


Peer inside the box and this is what you see!


Sixteen different truffles, ranging from white to milk to dark chocolate, and all composed of of different fillings! There was even a handy guide!


I went for the hazelnut cream first, in the bottom left corner. So good! I also tried the rose caramel, below the triangle shape in middle left, and I also ate the triangle, which was filled with a coffee filling. Everything was so good, but I think my favorite was the dark chocolate Force Noir! I had had some Recchiuti truffles before, but not this many and not so unexpectedly. And despite her clearly written note absolving me of any shame if I didn’t want to share these, I did share them with my husband. We each ate half of each truffle, so we could both experience them all.

Thanks Tiff!

Millcreek Tart Cherry Dark Chocolate 70%

My co-worker Dini M. brought this bar in to work for us to try at a chocolate eating meeting.


This bar was very eloquently wrapped. Inside this box was a cardboard tray filled with a gold-foil encased bar.


Plus, there was a note from the chocolatiers.


Wow, this bar is not only a single-origin bar from Ecuador, but it came from a single farm in Los Rios! And wow, was it good! It was very dark with a smooth floral note, that went extremely well with the bits of dried tart cherry spread throughout the bar. Not too sweet, not too sour, the fruit complemented the chocolate very well. Everyone loved this bar so much, that a co-worker who came by ten minutes late found all of the chocolate was gone.

Thanks Dini!


My co-worker Brian H. brought this Hungarian bar back from a trip to Germany.


This bar consisted of four or five light crispy wafers, filled with a cocoa cream, and covered in milk chocolate. I found it to be a delightful snack, not too sweet, but not very chocolatey either. There was a vague aftertaste of…something I could not quite put my finger on. Not bad, faintly nutty, a little greasy. But no matter, I liked this bar.

This was my first ever chocolate bar from Hungary! Thanks Brian!