Recchiuti truffles

My good friend Tiff C. sent me a box of Recchiuti truffles for my birthday!


Peer inside the box and this is what you see!


Sixteen different truffles, ranging from white to milk to dark chocolate, and all composed of of different fillings! There was even a handy guide!


I went for the hazelnut cream first, in the bottom left corner. So good! I also tried the rose caramel, below the triangle shape in middle left, and I also ate the triangle, which was filled with a coffee filling. Everything was so good, but I think my favorite was the dark chocolate Force Noir! I had had some Recchiuti truffles before, but not this many and not so unexpectedly. And despite her clearly written note absolving me of any shame if I didn’t want to share these, I did share them with my husband. We each ate half of each truffle, so we could both experience them all.

Thanks Tiff!


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