Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory ChocoHOGlic Bacon Bar

This was the last bar from my friend Lucy H. that she found in Nevada.


This milk chocolate bar was packed with salty smoked bacon, and I loved it! It was my favorite of the three Nevada bars, and I think I only could have loved it more if it were made with dark chocolate. My co-workers felt otherwise, with many of them really disliking this bar. Oh well, I ate their extra pieces too!

Thanks Lucy!


Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory “Hot” Chocolate Bar

My friend Lucy H. also sent me this bar from Nevada.


If you can’t tell from the word “hot” in quotation marks or from the dancing, possibly drunk, jalapeno pepper on the label, this milk chocolate bar was very spicy! It packed a lot of heat, and I was not a fan of it, but several of my co-workers liked it.

Thanks Lucy!

Chocolate Nugget Candy Factory Dark Orange Supreme Bar

My friend Lucy H. sent me this chocolate that she found during a trip to Nevada (where she also found this postcard)..


This chocolate was very good. The deep chocolate flavor was on par with the orange taste, which came from both orange peels and orange oil. My co-workers loved this bar, and it disappeared quickly.

Thanks Lucy!

Burroughs 80% Cacao Dark Chocolate Sugar Free

Chris J. brought in one last Vermont bar.


This bar was different than the last two. Instead of sugar or maple sugar, it contained xylitol, a sugar alcohol that provided no calories. This sugar free mix made it much smoother than the other bars, but it also gave it a slightly minty aftertaste. I thought it was OK, but some of my co-workers were put off by it, and it lasted a lot longer than the other bars. I still thought it was a unique experience.

Thanks Chris!

Burroughs 80% Cacao Dark Chocolate Maple

Chris Jones brought in another Vermont chocolate to our eating meeting.


I liked this one too, but not as much as the coffee bar. The maple sugar flavor was almost indistinguishable from the chocolate flavor, but this bar was much more crunchy that the coffee one. It was only after you swallowed it that you noticed a little maple aftertaste. My co-workers liked this bar, but they agreed the coffee one was better.

Thanks Chris!

Burroughs 80% Cacao Dark Chocolate Coffee

My co-worker Chris J. supplied us with even more chocolate from his trip to Vermont.


This bar was really good. The chocolate was single-origin from Peru, and it was called raw because it was “cold conched”, so its temperature was never raised above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. This leaves it a little crunchy, because the sugar crystals never dissolve; they just get ground down. The coffee flavor really complemented the chocolate taste, and this was a crowd favorite, disappearing in a couple of minutes.

Thanks Chris!

Le Comptoir De Mathilde Choco’Message Cœur “Je T’aime” Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Kylan C. got back from a trip to France, and he brought this unusual dark chocolate from Tulette that you had to break with a mallet.


The chocolate was originally in the shape of a heart, but it had already been beaten by the time I came to it. The name of the chocolatier was on the side of the box: Le Comptoir De Mathilde. And the heart was on their website.


This chocolate was quite good! It was sweet but still quite rich, and I really liked it. Of course, it is hard to go wrong with French dark chocolate. And what is really cool is that this is my 1500th post to this blog, and it happened on a post of a French dark chocolate heart!

Thanks Kylan!