Madre Chocolate and Manulele Ko Hana Rum Chocolate 70%

My co-worker Chris J. brought this bar back from Hawaii.


I thought this was Manulele Chocolate (it says that on the front label), but Manulele is the rum maker, and Madre is the chocolate maker, as revealed on the back label.


Oh my god, this chocolate was bad. First off, it had bloomed, so it was all grey and brittle and dry. Second, it had barely any chocolate taste, despite being 70% cacao. And third, the rum flavor was off, making the bar taste more like dirt than anything else, although one co-worker thought it tasted like the “wet side of a filled kiddie pool”, whatever that means. Nobody wanted seconds, and for the first time in years, I threw out some chocolate. Just four pieces, but still…part of my soul died.

This bar was not as bad as the Jamaican rum fudge that Doug K. brought to a tasting six years ago, but it was close! So you are safe, Chris, and thank you for a memorable chocolate eating meeting at work.


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