Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate With Raisins & Hazelnuts

My co-worker Dini M. gave me this bar.


This bar was pretty good, but I would have loved it had there been no raisins. I don’t like raisins in chocolate, or in anything else for that matter. I like raisins by themselves, but when added to bread or muffins or bagels or chocolate or candy, I despise them. Anyway, the parts of this chocolate that just had hazelnuts were yummy. Ritter makes a decent milk chocolate, which I love with espresso.

I have a co-worker who always thinks that the fruit in chocolate tastes like raisins, so we gave him some of this bar without telling him what it was. And he tried it and said “marshmallow”. Marshmallow? How do you get that from raisins and hazelnuts? And this was his one chance to say “raisins” and be right. Sadness.

Thanks Dini!


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