Pillsbury Thin Mints Brownies

My co-worker Charlie S. brought in some brownies that he made with this mix.


Yum! These brownies were really good! They captured the light mint taste of a Thin Mint cookie perfectly, and they were very moist and chocolatey to boot! I could have eaten the whole tray, but I just ate one. Okay…two.

Thanks Charlie!


Julian Cider Mill French Vanilla Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Lauren B. also brought in this slab of chocolate. We tried it for a Large Bar Friday chocolate eating meeting at work, which we had on a Wednesday due to scheduling conflicts.


When I pulled out the slab and placed my chocolate hammer on it, it looked like this.


What, you don’t have a chocolate hammer? I got it in this surprise chocolate two years ago, and I kept it because it is handy to have. For random chocolate slabs. Like this.

Like their peanut clusters, this was pretty good chocolate. It had a lot of vanilla in it, which I guess was the point, but it made me like the salty peanut clusters more. There was quite a bit of the slab left, so Lauren took it back to her office and broke it up some more, and people were still eating it when I left for the day.

Thanks Lauren!


This little tidbit showed up on my desk at work one day.


It turned out to be a chocolate-flavored caramel coated with dark chocolate, kind of like a very high quality Milk Dud. I thought it was delicious, although the caramel threatened to pull a filling out of a tooth. It’s very chewy!

Thanks, anonymous person!

World’s Finest Dark Chocolate

I got to taste some of this bar at work, when my co-worker Rob N. bought some as part of a fundraiser.


Holy crap, this bar was bad. It was overly sweet and chalky and had little chocolate flavor. It almost tasted artificial. I know this bar is being sold for a fundraiser, but still, can’t they sell better stuff?!

World’s finest chocolate, my ass.

Ghirardelli Intense Dark Cocoa Nibs

I found this bar in my local grocery store.


I found it hard to believe that I had not tried this bar before, but it does not appear in my collection. It was quite good too, with the cacao nibs making it taste much darker and more bitter than its cacao percentage (which I would guess at around 50%). My co-workers liked it too, saying it was one of the better chocolate bars we had eaten recently.