Julian Cider Mill French Vanilla Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Lauren B. also brought in this slab of chocolate. We tried it for a Large Bar Friday chocolate eating meeting at work, which we had on a Wednesday due to scheduling conflicts.


When I pulled out the slab and placed my chocolate hammer on it, it looked like this.


What, you don’t have a chocolate hammer? I got it in this surprise chocolate two years ago, and I kept it because it is handy to have. For random chocolate slabs. Like this.

Like their peanut clusters, this was pretty good chocolate. It had a lot of vanilla in it, which I guess was the point, but it made me like the salty peanut clusters more. There was quite a bit of the slab left, so Lauren took it back to her office and broke it up some more, and people were still eating it when I left for the day.

Thanks Lauren!


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