Agami Vanilla Coconut 70% Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Charlie S. brought in another Agami bar.


This bar was not as good as yesterday’s peppermint yacon bar. There was so much vanilla and coconut that I couldn’t taste the chocolate, and it had less cacao too. Still, it had an interesting flavor and crumbly texture, and it made me curious about tomorrow’s bar. Yes, Charlie brought a third one.

Thanks Charlie!


Agami Peppermint Yacon 77% Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Charlie S. brought this bar into work for us to try.


This bar was unusual for several reasons. It was raw, meaning it was conched at a low temperature, making it a little gritty. It was single origin, made with beans from Ecuador, but there were no distinctive notes because the peppermint flavor was so strong. As for the yacon, I am not sure I could taste it. It is a sweet tuber used to make syrup, but in a 77% bar, there was not much used. Still, I liked this bar, and my co-workers were intrigued with it too. Charlie brought a few more bars for us to try, so we will see how those taste.

Thanks Charlie!

Alain Ducasse Perou 75%

My friend Lucy H. sent me this chocolate from France.


OMG, another porcelana bar, and this one is from beans from Peru and not Venezuela. I was super excited to try this bar, but it had melted and bloomed in transit. I ate it anyway, with some co-workers, and we all agreed it was still pretty good, with a nice deep rich chocolate flavor. I’d love to try this brand fresh.

Thanks Lucy!

Hershey Mint Truffle Kisses

My co-worker Dini M. brought by a bag of dark mint kisses right before Thanksgiving.


These kisses looked like normal kisses, in dark green wrappers.


But wow, were these good! The dark chocolate was fairly deep (I’d guess 50% cacao or so) and the minty chocolate filling was so well-paired with that chocolate. These are the kind of candies where you go to eat one or two and you eat six or seven before you realize what you are doing. And that’s awesome.

Thanks Dini!

Åkesson’s 55% Dark Milk Chocolate

This was the last bar that the creative director Allen M. gave me.


Not just single origin, but this bar was made from a single farm in Brazil. I was intrigued! It was quite dark, which I expected from a 55% cacao bar, but the milk made it creamy and silky on my tongue, which was a fascinating texture in a bar as dark as this one. The overall flavor was quite fudge-like, and while there were no single origin notes, it was a very good bar. Yes, I am going on record as liking this milk chocolate bar. It was delicious, and I want to try more from this brand.

Thanks Allen! This was quite a treat!

Compartés Donuts & Coffee

The creative director Allen M. from the publisher gave me this bar too…a Compartés bar.


I opened this bar warily. It was a deep milk chocolate bar, with 44% cacao, and there were donut pieces embedded in it and supposedly coffee mixed in too. I tried a bite, and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle…it tasted like donuts! Well, greasy donuts, with a chocolate glaze. I couldn’t taste any coffee, but my co-workers did. Some of them liked it a lot, others not so much. I liked this bar better than their white chocolate bar but not as much as their dark chocolate bar, but that’s not saying a lot. Let’s just say it was an interesting bar.

Thanks Allen!

Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Porcelana 71%

My publisher came to visit last week, and their creative director Allen M. brought me a Rózsavölgyi chocolate bar from Hungary!


I was really excited to try this bar, since their Chuao bar was amazing, and this was made with Porcelana beans from the same region! And the cover art was just as cool, so I took a picture without the wrapper.


And the bar itself was super pretty!


And the taste? Fantastic! So dark and rich and super chocolatey, like chocolate is supposed to taste. I broke this bar open at the meeting so everyone could try it, and they all agreed it was amazing. It disappeared so quickly I could barely manage to eat three pieces!

Was it as good as the Amedei Porcelana bar? Hard to tell. I would have to do a back to back tasting. In fact, I should do that…

Thanks Allen!