Durci Corona Arriba 70%

I found this bar in a grocery in Seattle. The cover art alone drew my attention.


Looking on the back, I saw this was a single origin chocolate made with beans from Ecuador. I decided to buy it.


Look at the art without the paper wrapper in front of it! I love it! It looks like a crazy CD cover.


The inside had an even crazier story.


“Flavors your tongue has never dreamed of before”? “Navigate the dangerous city streets”? “Barter with farmers who are reluctant to give their cacao beans away”? Who writes this crazy drivel?

I loved this last piece of interior art. I called it the Lonely Spaceman.


Anyway, I finally opened the chocolate bar itself.


Hey, the Lonely Spaceman was imprinted on the bar! And the bar was quite good, btw. Much darker than this photo shows, and with a rich note I couldn’t identify. Certainly not floral, blackberry, smoke or spice, like the back label said. My co-workers loved it, but they I think they loved the crazy label art and writing more. There was much laughter and guessing as to what it all meant.

I think someone was very high when they made it. *wink*


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