Letterpress Chocolate Dominican Republic 70% Dark Chocolate

My co-worker Dini M. brought in a whole bunch of chocolate bars from a small artisan chocolatier called Letterpress Chocolate. She had met the couple that runs the business at their sales table at the farmer’s market in The Grove in Los Angeles. She took a picture of their “About Us” sign.


This sounds very promising! A bean to bar maker, right here in Los Angeles! They also had a sign that explained exactly how they made their bars.


Dini bought a dark chocolate 70% cacao single-origin bar from each of five different countries, so we decided that for one week, each day at the chocolate eating meeting we would try a different country. We started our adventure with the Dominican Republic.


First off, let me just say that I love this label. That big stamp makes me feel like I am really going on an adventure, flying by aerojet to my first country. And second, the chocolate was really good too! It was very dark and rich, with a somewhat metallic aftertaste, as if I was tasting the chocolate off a metal utensil. One of my co-workers tasted latex, but other co-workers thought the bar was a bit fruity. Everyone liked it, though, and went for seconds. I had thirds!

Unfortunately this bar will never be made again. The cacao came from a farm called La Red Guaconejo, which closed in 2015. Sadly, this bar was made from the last bags of cacao the farm will ever produce. Still, I felt fortunate to have tried it.

Thanks Dini. I cannot wait to try the other countries!


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